Mark Sofilas Exhibition

19th August - 3rd September

Mark is originally from Western Australia, but migrated to the UK in 2008. He now lives in Leeds with his young family and paints full time from his studio there. He has gained a reputation and following for his original oil paintings of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, and particularly his coastal scenes of Yorkshire’s fishing villages, such as Whitby, Staithes and Robin Hood’s Bay.

My paintings are very heavily guided by the emotions a particular scene or moment evokes in me. It’s this feeling that I try to convey to the viewer. It might be something as simple as smoke drifting from a chimney pot or a silhouette created by a particular light source. It may be the strength or history, which emanates from an everyday object or piece of architecture. Over time, I’ve discovered that I can best achieve this by exaggerating/ characterising colour, manipulating perspective slightly and pushing shape and form to arrive at a nicely balanced place, where the image created has not only captured the physical qualities of the scene, but more importantly the feeling of the occasion”. Mark Sofilas