Caroline Appleyard

Based in Derbyshire, Caroline spends most of her time travelling around in her camper van, painting and diving wherever she goes. Caroline spends the spring and the summer travelling around Scotland, then when the weather cools she heads south to paint around Devon & Cornwall, via Whitby.

Caroline’s work is naive, bright and fun. She uses acrylics on canvas and linen. She loves to visit new places to paint, and also enjoys revisiting her regular haunts to paint places & locals in a new way.

She has exhibited around the UK, from Scotland to Devon and her work is in many collections both UK and overseas.

Three years ago Caroline was lucky enough to be diving off a beach in Egypt, where she was joined by two dolphins. Caroline swam with the dolphins for two hours, an experience she describes as amazing. This event inspired her to begin painting in a new style, under the name of “Scapa Joe”. With this new collection of paintings and subject matter she wants to increase awareness of climate change, extinction and other environmental issues. 


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