Emerson Mayes

Emerson Mayes is a Yorkshire born artist who has experienced success both critical and commercial since the beginning of his career as a painter. From when he graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 1994, he has enjoyed a growing reputation for a fresh, honest and uncontrived approach to his work. With his roots firmly in the British landscape tradition, Emerson’s work reflects his obvious passion for this vast and complex subject. Although he strives to achieve a direct response, he is never tied down by the ‘topographical’ elements in the landscape.

Whenever possible he works outside, directly from the landscape. These pieces are then brought into the studio, where they can be judged as paintings in their own right, no work leaves for an exhibition until he is completely happy with it, he says ‘that is when the sheer beauty of the landscape is balanced exactly with the absolute joy and excitement of the actual act of painting’.


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