Emerson Mayes Exhibition

Postponed. New exhibition date tbc.
“To stand still and just watch the wildlife that surrounds me, be it in my everyday life or after climbing a hill or walking down a river, will always be a pleasure that is hard to match. Trying to capture that “direct response” with an integrity to both the subject and the media used is the ultimate aim in all my fauna work.
I am not trying to act as a human camera, but to capture those ever so fleeting moments, whilst always letting the paints/ prints themselves enough freedom so they can be enjoyed in their own right.
I chose drypoint as a printmaking medium, as it is one of the most direct, and the closest to the act of drawing, something that is essential to all my work.
My work will not change the world, or make political comments – but that doesn’t mean an attempt to define and describe the world that surrounds me is any less justified today than it has been throughout art history”.  Emerson Mayes 2020