Jim Wright

6th Nov - 28th Nov 2021

‘Sea Change’ is a collection of seascapes reflecting the fast changing moods and tidal flows off the north coast of Scotland. It’s an eclectic mix, paintings of the tranquility of winter days, when the sun hangs low, warming the sky with soft peach tints, or the ‘simmer dim’ twilight of mid summer over a calm north facing sea, juxtaposed with seascapes of raging storms and the big swells driving in from the North Atlantic.

A move to an old croft in Sutherland in need of attention, just a short walk from the sea, was indeed  a sea change for Jim Wright and his wife Sue. It was a sharp learning curve in DIY  self sufficiency and land management. An Orkney postcode reflects its northerly remoteness, positioned on a latitude not far below that of the base of Greenland. So whilst the upland peat bogs (called ‘The Flow Country’) have similarities to the landscapes Jim painted of the North York Moors, the gale force winds and seasonal changes of daylight are much more extreme.  

As a seascape artist the weather presents many challenges to Jim, not only the choice of clothing when setting out to work, but the need for more than one canvas or board. A curtain of grey cloud, drawn back by the wind, will present a complete ‘sea change’ of colours, shadows and sea state. These constantly changing conditions dictate a method of application which is fast and responsive. Some paintings are completed plein air, others are worked on further in the studio, and just occasionally Jim will create an abstract painting in the studio, drawing on his experiences.  

Images and details coming soon….