Kate Lycett Exhibition

18th May - 14th July 2019

“Catching the Light” is an exhibition of new work by our very talented Yorkshire artist Kate Lycett.


“This collection of new paintings seem to track my family holidays and days out this last year! I painted the little greenhouses first, from The Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. We were there in the summer holidays. I had an idea that the title for the exhibition should be ‘Gardens’. But then I went to Northumberland in Autumn half term and got distracted by castles and beaches, and that incredible Northumbrian light.

And then, while Daddy was away I took the children for a treat in York and traded time spent in Harry Potter shops for time allowed to sketch on the city walls. I was a student in York and used to have English lectures in Gray’s Court. I would look out on the tourists walking the city walls. I love York. When I began university I was recovering from a year of being poorly and York was the cure. Coming from a small Suffolk town York seemed vast, but utterly magical. And I loved the course so much I failed badly in any acts of student rebellion. Instead I was allowed to get a key cut for the textile studios so I could work late at night. I spent three happy years discovering inks and wax pots, and being allowed to paint beautiful things. “Garden Square” is based on a memory of going back to spend the day with a friend after graduation. We walked to St Paul’s Square, snuck into the private communal garden and picked up autumn leaves.

Emma, the owner of Chantry House Gallery, is someone I met studying art in York. We connected again a few years ago and I’ve been exhibiting at the gallery ever since. I know she shares my love of the city”.  Kate Lycett