Current & Forthcoming Exhibitions

11th Sept - 3rd Oct 2021
Clare Haley
“The power of nature remains the foundation to my paintings. We are surrounded by it and usually don’t have far to go to reach it in all its raw beauty, especially here in Yorkshire and the far reaches of the north. I’m inspired through an appreciation of our landscape, how it has been shaped through time and how weather dramatises sequences in cloud and light. The sky plays a crucial part in how the landscape comes alive; nature’s show of the elements.”
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9th Oct - 31st Oct 2021
Paul Stone
“Local” is a celebration of Yorkshire produce that reflects an emotional response for South Yorkshire artist Paul Stone during the last 18 months. All the produce in this new collection of 16 oil paintings are locally sourced, whether bought in farmers markets, artisan bakeries, delicatessens (even the nearby allotment), or simply foraged by the side of the road. It’s a mixture of nostalgia, pride and enthusiasm that make this Paul’s most personal exhibition to date.
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6th Nov - 28th Nov 2021
Jim Wright
An Exhibition of New Work
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Online exhibition
Pam Grimmond Exhibition
A Printmakers Journey
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April 2022
Sarah Garforth
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May 2022
Kate Lycett
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September 2022
Chris Mouncey
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October 2022
Nolon Stacey
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