Kate Lycett

Kate grew up in Suffolk, moved North for university, and then forgot to go home. After specialising in textile design at university, she worked for many years as a textile designer. She began to paint to escape the restrictions of the restricted colour palette in design briefs, and as a consequence is now recognised for her use of rich and opulent colour.

Kate started painting landscapes when she moved to Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, struck as she was by the patchwork of houses in the steep sided valley. “My textile design background is always present in the way that I paint, and interpret what is around me. I see patterns in everything; the hills adorned with houses and washing lines, rows of flower pots and stripes of brightly painted drain pipes. Lines of gold thread trace lines through the landscape, and gold leaf changes the surface of my pictures with the changing light of day. I want to paint beautiful pictures of the places that I love”.

The paintings and the limited edition prints are all hand finished with gold leaf and threads. Kate exhibits extensively in galleries across the north of England.


Giclee Prints