Robert Brindley

Working in watercolour, oils and pastels, Robert’s main inspiration is the challenge of capturing light and atmosphere in a modern impressionistic style.

He paints, mainly landscape and coastal scenery, around his home in North Yorkshire, or on his travels including, Cornwall, the South Coast, Wales, Scotland and further afield in Venice, France, India or anywhere where there is an opportunity to portray nature and her moods.

Although primarily a landscape artist, Robert occasionally paints interiors, sometimes including a figure in the composition. As in his landscape paintings, Robert strives to reproduce the quality of the light in the chosen subject.

Robert is a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and is the current Archivist for the Society. His work can be seen at the Mall Galleries, London, at their annual exhibition, and with other members throughout the country in marine related shows.

Robert is listed in the current edition of ‘Who’s Who in Art’. He is an elected member of the Fylingdales Group of Artists. He has already had two books published ‘Painting Boats and Coastal Scenery’ and ‘Painting in Pastels’ and a third, ‘Painting Landscapes in Oils’, is due for publication in 2012.