Juliet Fryer

Juliet is a contemporary artist inspired by Yorkshire, where she grew up, and rural West Berkshire where she currently lives.   Working instinctively and often from memory, she allows her subject to dictate its own direction and character and aims to communicate the emotion and mood of her painting in a unique way. Starting with an on site sketch or record, often taken whilst walking or visiting a new area, Juliet works up her painting in her studio which allows for experimentation, often leading to “happy accidents” in the process.  She concentrates on maintaining movement and fluidity in her brushstrokes using her medium in an expressive way and this is shown in her recent body of work reflecting her lifelong love of Yorkshire Abbeys and the surrounding countryside.

Her contemporary still life work shows her enjoyment of objects and their relationships which is influenced by her early years working as a designer honing her knowledge of spatial awareness.

“Colour and light relationships are at the core of my work”.

She studied at Chelsea School of Art, has a Fine Art Diploma from Hartwell House and more recently has attended the Norfolk School of Painting, specialising in oils, primarily her medium of choice, sometimes using tempera as a base medium.    

Exhibiting in local and Yorkshire galleries and exhibitions including the Reading Contemporary Arts Festival, she has also submitted pieces for charitable causes including The Stroke Association, OXPIP, MND and her local community.