Juliet Fryer

Juliet was born and grew up in North Yorkshire, drawing and painting from a very early age. Attaining a diploma in fine Arts, she subsequently attended Chelsea School of Art whilst practising as an in house artist and designer for an international furniture company in London, followed by working as an interior designer in Oxfordshire.

After marriage, she relocated to West Berkshire, devoting more time to painting as her family matured and left home. Formerly developing a unique style of working with water-based media and inks through gesso, she has studied at Sunningwell School of Art and more recently with Martin Kinnear of The Norfolk School of Painting. She now works mainly with oils, often using tempera as a base medium.

Inspired by the countryside around her in West Berkshire and her homeland of North Yorkshire where she is a frequent visitor, Juliet sketches on site, recording detail and mood, before working up the painting in her studio. She also enjoys the spacial relationships inspired by objects and juxtaposition of forms which is reflected in her contemporary still life work. Her aim is to communicate the emotion and inspiration of her subject matter in a unique way.

Juliet has exhibited in galleries in Berkshire and Oxfordshire, the Reading Contemporary Arts Festival and her local "Freefest" as part of Arts week.

She has submitted pieces for charitable causes including The Stroke Association, OXPIP and her local community.