Stephen Lennon

Lancashire born, Stephen has lived and worked in Yorkshire since 1979. His unique view of the surrounding hills, his love of light and the drama of the elements are clearly at the roots of his work. The windswept hills and moody skies of Northern England are the inspiration for his work. He records the changing hues of his surroundings, from sunlit meadows to the brooding mystery of dusky Pennine hills. His recurring theme is the continuing drama of light, shadow and weather, seeking to capture those fleeting moments of magic that have fascinated artists since the beginning of time.

He has been described as a painter in the ‘English Romantic Style’, having been influenced by artists such as Turner, Samuel Palmer and by Contemporary artists including John Piper, Paul Nash and Victor Passmore.

Stephen is a member of the Yorkshire Watercolour Society, British Watercolour Society and the Leeds Fine Art Club. Since his first one-man show in Bradford in 1988 he has enjoyed increasing success throughout the U.K. and in the U.S.A.